Sunday, November 27, 2011

Playa del Carmen

A week ago Saturday, Ryan and I left for vacation in Playa!  We've never been on a trip out of the country with just the two of us (no, not even on a honeymoon) so we were very excited for the trip.  Here we are in the shuttle bus leaving the Cancun airport.
The trip from the airport took us about an hour and the drive was so pretty.  The area is so lush and green!  When we arrived at Secrets Capri, we were welcomed with cool towels, cold drinks, and a concierge to educate us on all the resort and surrounding area had to offer.  By the time we were finished it was fairly late in the evening so we got settled into our room and headed straight for dinner.  The all-inclusive resort had four restaurants to choose from for dinner so the first night we chose seafood.  The food was delicious, the setting was amazing as we were sitting on the balcony overlooking the ocean, and the service was wonderful.  I was already impressed!
Later we explored the grounds a little bit and it didn't take long before I injured my clumsy self.  I managed to stub my toe on a rock on the beach and also almost wipe out when I was wading in the pool.  Ryan was doubled over laughing while informing me I wasn't supposed to be wading in the pool anyway because it was closed.  Then we decided to grab some cocktails in one of the many on site bars before we turned in for the evening.
The next morning we were better able to explore the resort in the light and it was amazing!  We had an ocean/pool view from our room and it was gorgeous!

We headed straight to the beach, which was just a short walk from our room.
Then we had drinks at the beach bar and then lunch right on the beach at one of the restaurants that specialized in ceviche.  Yummy!  We sampled a couple of the ceviches and then enjoyed delicious fish tacos.  I was just as impressed with this casual beach side restaurant as I had been with the seafood restaurant the night before.  Everything was so fresh and tasty and you couldn't beat the setting.  

We spent some time later at the pool and found this little friend laying out.
It was a perfect, relaxing day and the weather was exactly what we needed!  Fun in the sun!  Later we got ready for dinner and chose to go to the hibachi.  We had a great chef, the food was amazing (again) and we met some nice people around the teppanyaki grill.

We discovered that the water feature inside the main lobby area of the resort had turtles!  I love turtles.
The next day we signed up for the Extreme Tulum adventure tour.  I have tons of pictures of that so I'll write about it in my next post.

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