Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tulum Ruins

After the adventure portion of our tour we headed to the Tulum Mayan ruins.  A guide spent about an hour with us talking about the history of Tulum and the Mayans.  No one knows for sure what the Mayans originally called Tulum but they don't believe it was "Tulum" as that is the Mayan word for "fence" or "wall" and Tulum is fenced in on three sides by a rock wall (the fourth side is bordered by the ocean).  It is believed that when asked where they were from, inhabitants would respond with "Tulum".  Also, the guide said that most people in the Yucatan Peninsula don't believe all the hype about the world ending on December 21, 2012 according the Mayan calender.  Well, I guess I better start contributing to the 401k again if I've got more than a year to plan for.  Anyway, they believe that it was just an end of a period that will start over again, just like a day ends and and a new one starts. 

How beautiful is this?
As the city sat right on the ocean, it is believed it was a major trading port.  The residents were sustained by fresh water from an on site cenote.  It amazes me how smart these people were to find the fresh water and build such a sophisticated city that has survived to this day.  Apparently they were very short people as most of us tourists didn't fit well through doorways.

I don't know what these little structures are but when I asked Ryan he matter of factly replied "doghouses" and a girl beside us started laughing so hard because apparently she had just asked her husband and he just as matter of factly replied "outhouses".  Hmmm...even though I don't know the answer, I'm thinking neither one of theirs is probably the correct one.
Here are some more of pictures of the beautiful Mayan city.

More lizards!
Later that evening when we were back at the resort we went to listen to jazz and drink martinis before heading to dinner at the Italian restaurant.  They were having a Monday Night Football barbeque and broadcast out by the pool but we skipped it as we figured we can watch all the football we want when we're at home.

We had a wonderful time in Tulum and could have spent more time there at the ruins and in the market.  We thoroughly enjoyed our first three days in Mexico.  I'll post about the last three days next

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  1. What a fun trip. Mexico is one of the places I haven't been that I feel like everyone else goes to and I'd really like to go soon. It looks so beautiful and interesting.