Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring/Summer has sprung!

I've been a pretty terrible blogger lately and I'd like to blame that squarely on the beautiful, sunny weather we've been having.  When it gets this nice outside I have a one track mind for being outdoors so I'll try to catch up on the happenings of the last week (most of it involved being outdoors) so this might be a long one.

First off, Ryan planted all of our veggies in our garden beds this week.  Because he goes to work much earlier than I do, he usually gets home earlier than I do and that was the case that night because when I came home he had already planted everything and was watering.

Unfortunately, it frosted one night since he planted so we're not sure everything is going to make it.  We were a bit wary this might happen but Ryan talked to a garden person at some store who said it was totally okay to plant just as long as we watched the news for frost warnings.  Too bad the meteorologists never actually warned of any frost and it's been so nice we didn't expect it.  Anyway, if everything makes it we'll have a few different kinds of tomatoes, peppers, and lettuces, as well as basil, cilantro and strawberries.  I love fresh produce from the back yard!

I was so excited about all the fresh veggies we'll hopefully have that I made a delicious pasta using fresh, (well as fresh as I could get at the store) tomatoes and basil.  Ryan and I both loved this dish.
Because of the awesome weather, I was able to dine outside downtown for lunch a couple of times this week.  One day I went to Yazoo BBQ with colleagues.
And one day I got to meet my friend Jenna at Organixx.  It was so good to see Jenna and it was such a perfect day! 

Then came the weekend and camping!!!  I have been excited for this camping season ever since we put Bumblebee (our camper) up for the season last year.  We headed up right after work on Friday.  Here you can see what China and Mojo like to do on the ride up to the mountains:

The campground we went to was pretty full but we were able to get a great spot.  Here Ryan is prepping Bumblebee to unhook from the truck:
The fur babies checking out the weekend digs:

Bumblebee all set up:

Amy, Dion, and Lily joined us on Saturday for lunch and a hike before they headed back to town.  Below are a bunch of random pictures.

We actually left camp last night (Saturday) because Ryan wanted to get some yard work done today.  One patch of sod we had planted last year didn't take and it was completely dead and brown.  So after church and breakfast at Butcher Block Cafe with some members that were so kind to invite us out, Ryan set to work.

And I supervised/spectated:

Actually, after I snapped this photo Ryan enlisted me.  I guess he didn't appreciate me harassing him just my moral support.  Now the lawn looks beautiful and I hope it stays that way this time!

We celebrated the close of a week the best way we know how:

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