Monday, May 23, 2011


Perhaps our activities during the rapture are indicative of why Ryan and I are still here?  Yes, we were enjoying a tasty brew and watching the Preakness at The Archive Room in Old Towne Arvada.  Because we weren't taken in the rapture by 6 pm eastern we decided to roam around Old Town a little more.  We stopped at the cutest little grocery store, Etta's Place, that carries organic and local foods.  We tasted some "root beer milk" and it really tasted just like a root beer float!  We ended up purchasing some spicy pickled veggies (if you can pickle it, I will probably like it) and some pizza dough made by the local Udi's pizza shop pretty much right across the street from the grocery store.

Then we went to the Book Cranny which sells new and used books and I came away with six Anne Rice books!  Each one only cost $3.50-$4.00.  I was pretty happy with my purchase.

In other big news we now have Blue Bell ice cream in Colorado.  I didn't realize this was big news but there are billboards up and people are talking about it so I guess it's a big deal.  I'm pretty sure I'd had Blue Bell ice cream in Kansas but couldn't really remember what was so great about it so we got some to try.  Ryan chose Banana Pudding and I chose Pecan Pralines and Cream.  Let's just say we were both pretty happy about our ice cream.

And here are some gratuitous cute pictures for you.  I'll write more about Sunday activities later.

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