Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Little Late...

So I never posted about our activities from a week ago Sunday like I said I would.  Well, here are the highlights:

After church and coffee we had breakfast at Blue Sky Cafe and Juice Bar.  In addition to normal breakfast fare, they also have fresh juices and smoothies made to order.  I had a Strawberry Pineapple Apple and Ryan had a Spinach Grape Apple Ginger.  Yummy!

We also did a bit of shopping and I finally splurged and got some polarized sunglasses.  They are AMAZING!!!  If you've never tried polarized sunglasses I highly recommend it!  Now I can understand why people want to wear their sunglasses inside too!  (Not that I will be doing this...don't want to be mistaken for a celebrity or anything...)

We also replanted some of the veggies that didn't make it through the frost and planted some flowers.  The next door neighbors happened to be doing the same thing in their backyard so they handed some margaritas over the fence and we all had a good time. 

While we were occupied, someone (China) dug a hole to her namesake.  This picture does not accurately show how large this hole actually is.  She had to put a lot of work into it and her paws showed that evidence.

Someone else (Mojo) used our preoccupation to escape the yard and roam around the neighborhood.  Thankfully Ryan found him just a few houses down and we made it through the rest of the evening without further hijinks. 

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