Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Small Things

I always try to remind myself how lucky I am for so many things.  Clearly I have a wonderful husband, great family and friends, a great career, and home and health (and food).  While I never forget those things, a lot of times it's the little daily happenings that bring a smile to my face and cause me to pause and reflect on all the goodness in my life.  Below is just a quick list of the small things that have made me happy so far this week.  This list is in no particular order and is by no means all inclusive. 
  1. Receiving a package in the mail
  2. A good book on a rainy day
  3. The way  6 lb. Peanut sounds like a herd of elephants when she runs
  4. Pink nail polish
  5. Pink pajamas
  6. Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches (with pink ice cream...I'm seeing a theme here with pink)
  7. Ryan putting my vitamins out every morning because he knows I wouldn't take them if he didn't
  8. Green grass
  9. Everyday Food Magazine
  10. Evites
  11. Emails from friends and family
  12. Getting to use my umbrella

What are some small things that make you happy?


  1. Ok, I'll post a comment to my own question as I received this right after I blogged:
    13) Nephew's cute school paper about his trip to visit us

  2. Having a great daughter-in-law like you makes me happy every day.

  3. That's a great post because it's easy to forget about small things. My baby's smile makes me really happy. But also amazon prime. Which may sound weird, but I am not patient and I don't really like shopping and even if I did, it is a real pain to go anywhere now that I have a kid so the knowledge that I can get almost anything on my doorstep in 2 days (or 1 day for only $4 :-) ) without paying extra makes me quite happy.