Friday, September 5, 2014

Date Night!

Ryan and I very rarely do anything without Copeland but three weeks ago (Yikes!  3 weeks already!), my Mommy was in town for an entire week!  So, in addition to being spoiled with Mommy's cooking for almost every meal, we were able to do some things alone as a couple.

On Saturday, we ran the Warrior Dash in Copper Mountain with a group from Ryan's work.  I failed to get any pictures of that but we weren't nearly as muddy as the last time we did it because they didn't have barbed wire over the mud pit this time (Ryan still dove in while I gingerly stepped through) and they added a slide into a pool of (muddy) water as the last obstacle.  I somehow fully submerged myself in the yuck when no one else seemed to but perhaps that was karma for waltzing through the mud pit. 

Then, that night we went to a friend's "Prom of 1992" birthday party.  What a riot!  We were lame and didn't buy costumes but Ryan was able to concoct a pretty good one out of old stuff he still had in the closet.  I couldn't take him seriously with that 90s hairdo he had going on.  I just threw a jean jacket over a dress and decided that was as early 90s as I was going to get.  The party was so much fun!  There were seahorse decorations everywhere, prom party favors just like the real deal, and plenty of voluminous 90s style gowns.  We got the cheesy picture under a balloon arch and everything.  (Seriously, look at Ryan's hair!  Hahahaha, I'm dying!)

Sunday was kind of a painful day because Copeland apparently took offense to us enjoying ourselves without him and decided that no one needed to sleep on Saturday night.  We still made it to church, the farmer's market, dim sum, and the Asian market.  Then...I did something I haven't done in approximately a year...took a NAP!  It was so glorious!  Ryan (like Copeland) doesn't nap so he did all kinds of work around the house while I was napping and Grandma was playing with Copeland. 

Goodness, it was such a treat for all of us to have Grandma in town.  We all miss her!

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  1. That party looks like a blast! And thumbs up for helpful, loving grandmas in town...they are the best!