Tuesday, August 19, 2014

11 months

This month Copeland:

  • has SIX teeth!  (exciting but also slightly scary for a still breastfeeding mother)
  • Can walk with a toy walker!
  • has pretty much grown out of all 9 month clothes.
  • crossed the finish line of his first half marathon.  Daddy pushed him the whole way and they both still beat me.
  • Loves to play with his alphabet train.
  • Continues to be the loudest/most talkative kid I have ever known and continues to get reports from school about his "ahem" vocalizations.
  • Seems to know how to say a few words (dada, mama, and uh oh) and definitely seems to understand us, even though he still thinks "no" is just something to laugh at.
  • is fairly uninterested in drinking milk.  He eats his solids like a champ and loves to chew on crackers.  I think it might be pretty easy to wean him.  (crossing my fingers)
We can't believe that Copeland is almost a year old!!!  We were just recalling how this time last year we were at our baby shower and a few short weeks later we got to meet Copeland!  We feel so blessed and love that little guy more than words could ever express.  

Updated to add that Copeland blows kisses, dances by moving his booty up and down, and waves good-bye.  Sooooo cute.

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  1. They are so much fun! Congrats to all of you for the 1/2 marathon....quite an accomplishment!