Friday, September 5, 2014

Georgetown to Idaho Springs

I didn't really bounce back into shape after having Copeland like I had hoped I would so I set a goal to run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon to force me to focus on exercising.  I was actually doing great with running and cross training until I came down with bronchitis.  "Ain't nobody got time for bronchitis!"  I still had enough training miles under my belt to feel as though I could at least finish the race.

Anyway, we decided to make it a family affair and Ryan signed up too and pushed Copeland in his running stroller the whole way!  Apparently Copeland slept for a large portion of the race and for the times he was awake he was loudly alerting other runners that he was directly behind them.  So many people came up to Ryan after the race to either congratulate him or tell him how hilarious they thought it was that Copeland was yelling at them.  He is a vocal little guy (yes - I am worried but he comes by it honestly).

The boys beat me by leaps and bounds BUT I FINISHED and I was proud of that.  It was by far the ugliest, slowest, and most painful half marathon I have ever ran BUT I FINISHED.  And it was really cool that our whole little family was able to do it together.

We spent the rest of the weekend up at the condo and enjoyed the beautiful weather and some relaxation.  Goodness, do I love being up in Breckenridge.  

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  1. Congratulations on the 1/2 marathon....that is definitely something to be proud of....I can't even imagine!