Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas with Copeland

We started Christmas week off by taking Copeland to the Denver Zoo Lights on the Saturday before Christmas.  Over 38 acres of the zoo are decorated in twinkling lights, ornaments, and lit animal sculptures.  Ryan and I had never been before and we loved it!  Whoever decorated was very creative and around every corner there was a different theme and something new to catch our attention.  It seemed like such a magical night because it was our first time at the zoo lights and we were with our little boy for his first Christmas, it was snowing, and everyone there seemed filled with Christmas cheer, especially the young kids and the older couples - Ryan saw an elderly couple strolling arm in arm and said "That's going to be us"...awwwwwww.  Someone was so nice they gave us a free ticket to get in.
I had to work on Monday but the office closed at noon on Christmas Eve (Tuesday) so I got to spend extra time with my boys that day.  Ryan and I made sugar cookies for Santa but Ryan said he thought Mrs. Claus was probably fond of sugar cookies but Santa might enjoy my chocolate chip cookies I made chocolate chip cookies too.  
Then later that night we took Copeland to one of our church's candlelight services.  As always, I loved the Christmas Eve service.  I love celebrating the story of Christ through song and it's very important to me to remember the reason for Christmas.  Church was always a part of my holiday experience growing up and I want to make sure it is for Copeland as well.
For dinner that night I made oyster stew again just like last year; however, I tried out a new recipe and it was DELICIOUS!  I may have overdone it on milk products though because we each ate the milk laden oyster stew and then enjoyed our dessert of cookies with milk.  Oh and did I mention we had enjoyed eggnog with spiced whiskey earlier as well?  I think next year I will find a side, drink, and dessert that do not contain any milk.
We got to finish the night off by face-timing with my family and Skyping with Ryan's family.  What a perfect start to the Christmas week.  

P.S.  Here is the link to the oyster stew recipe I used.  The only changes I made were I added diced steamed potatoes and used 2 cans of oysters (with juice) instead of only 16 fresh ones.  YUM!

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