Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Back to Work

Well, I've successfully made it through my first two weeks back at work. Everyone has been so welcoming and it is good to join the world again (as my hermit transformation had become complete when I was on maternity leave).  I am slowly getting into the swing of things again and I better do it quickly because we are about to be very busy.  Everyone at work thinks I'm handling the transition well but you can be the judge of how I'm really handling it after you see what book Ryan bought me after I was back at work for less than a week:
Seriously though - it is good to be back at work.  I get to use my non-Mommy brain, I get to talk to other adults about all kinds of things which gets me back into the world (I didn't even watch the news while I was on leave), working is kind of like "me" time, I'm contributing to the financial well-being of our family, and I'm hopefully on track to become a role model of work ethic to my son. Now, having said all that - wwwaaaaaahhhhhhhh - I miss my baby boy!  I know I'm making the right long-term decision for our family but in the short-term...OUCH!  It's pretty emotionally tough to not be with Copeland 24/7 anymore!  Every single day has gotten a little better though.  And I'm lucky to have a flexible workplace that has let me ease back into work AND I have some days off over the holidays to also help with the transition.  And my sweet husband had a surprise waiting for me in my office on my first day back (cue the water works):
And boy is this girl happy that my Mom was here to take care of Copeland during my first week back at work!  I felt so comfortable knowing Copeland was with his Grandma and I got to have my Momma's cooking (yum) and go out on a date with just Ryan for the first time since I had Copeland.  We went to Luke's Steakhouse (probably my favorite steakhouse) and saw Hunger Games.

I also ventured out to my first girls' gathering of pierogi pinching and cookie exchange.  Lucky me I had help with the cookies.  :)
And now Ryan is at home with Copeland every day until the New Year.  What a special time for Ryan and Copeland.  And again, it really makes it a little easier for me to leave in the morning when I know Copeland is with someone I trust and that loves him. 

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  1. It sounds like it is going really well. It is hard at first and probably will be tricky when you start daycare too just because logistically for being so little, it seems like it takes so long to get out of the house with a baby, but I am sure it will just get easier and easier as you figure out what works. And having a supportive and flexible work place is so valuable and makes thing so much better!