Wednesday, May 2, 2012


No, we don't celebrate 4/20 but a lot of people in these parts do!  Although Boulder did crack down on the annual smoke out at the CU Campus so apparently it was a much subdued celebration this year.  That weekend, Ryan and I ran some errands and I enjoyed a Starbucks latte, which is quickly becoming a bad habit that I need to curb before I become addicted to caffeine again. 
In the picture above I'm wearing my red dirt hat that a colleague brought me back from Hawaii.  The Red Dirt company was originally a screen print shop but a hurricane in 1992 blew in red dirt and stained all the white t-shirts.  The shop decided to go ahead and print on the stained shirts and sell them that way and they were a hit.  So now everything they sell is stained with Hawaii's red dirt.

That Saturday night we enjoyed dinner at the Olive Garden as the neighbors we share our back fence with were so kind to give us a gift card in thanks for all the work Ryan did to fix the fence.

On Sunday that weekend Ryan went to a Schwinn spinning certification class.  Ever since taking our friend Sue's spinning class he has loved spinning and cycling and hasn't found a class that he really likes ever since our old gym closed down.  So he decided he would just go ahead and become certified to teach.  Now we just need to find an opening he can take over! 
He was gone all day and I don't really remember what all I did but it must have involved a lot of playing with the fur babies because I seem to have a lot of pictures of them.

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