Wednesday, May 2, 2012

You Can Take the Boy out of "the Dotte"

but you can't take the Dotte out of the boy (Wyandotte County, KS for those not from Kansas).

We're getting The Church Lady painted so to prepare for it Ryan stripped the car and removed all the fixtures including the trunk latch.  What better way to secure the trunk for the drive to the car shop than using speaker wire?  Except the speaker wire didn't seem to hold too well when crossing the railroad tracks and the trunk flipped wide open so we had to stop to retie it down.  :)  I say "we" figuratively because clearly I sat inside my Hondallac giggling and taking pictures.  

Here is a picture of the poor Church Lady completely stripped. 

In just a short while she look like new, though.  And I know Ryan can't wait.

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