Monday, April 16, 2012

Good News and Bad News

So from last week, I have some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that I got my pearl necklace in the mail.  I love getting packages in the mail and this was even sweeter because I received this pearl necklace by redeeming some "Vitality" points for it.  My company teamed with Vitality and employees could earn points for working out, taking classes on health, participating in races, etc.  I had enough points to get the necklace and a book (The Postmistress).  Too bad my company stopped participating in the program because not enough people were using it because I think the people like me that did use it definitely used it well!

But the cost of the bad news from last week probably paid for my free pearl necklace.  So, I locked myself out of the house.  Yes, I know you're does that even happen?  Well, I'll tell you.  Ryan was out of town all last week so I increased my nightly security measures at home (I know I'm ridiculous).  This included locking the door out to the garage.  That door handle still happens to turn from the inside so the next morning when I went to take the trash out I didn't remember that I had locked the door the night before.  Imagine my surprise when I tried to get back in the house!  Thankfully, I had my computer with me so I could email Ryan to call a locksmith.  In theory, I could have harassed some neighbors but I'm such a late riser that most people are at work by then and I really didn't want to bother anyone that was at home.  So Ryan called a locksmith who showed up within 15 minutes and got me in the house after what seemed like no time at all.  The dogs were not happy with the situation and it was a little creepy for me to know that someone could truly break in that easily.  But all is well and I don't think I'll ever do that again!

Ryan got home on Friday and was so nice to cook me dinner.  He had been travelling so I know he was very tired but he knew I'd had a long work week as it was quarter close so he fixed shrimp pad Thai and bought some Thai beer.  Both items were delicious.
On Saturday night we had Scott and Sue over for barbeque and games.  Ryan and I are not very good at fixing barbeque for only four people so we ended up having a ginormous feast.  Then we played the game Apples to Apples.  Basically, there is a deck of green cards and each card has a word on it, such as unscrupulous or classic.  You turn one green card over per round and every player except one, who is the judge, must place one of their seven red cards down that they think best describes the green card.  The judge picks which one they think is the best and that person wins that round and then the next round a new person is the judge.  So for example, if the green card showed the word classic then players might throw down cards that said things like meatloaf or convertible and the judge would say they thought meatloaf was the most classic descriptor in the bunch.  It doesn't always work that way, however.  Once when I was the judge I got this hodge podge of cards thrown at me:
I don't think that beer, flying monkeys, or beanie babies are all that principled...  So you can see, this game can get pretty interesting.  We had so much fun playing it!

We stayed up wayyy too late so we didn't make it to church on Sunday but Ryan took me that morning to Nordstrom to exchange my Tom's shoes.  I, like Julie, am a little behind on jumping on the Tom's bandwagon.  I've purchased Ryan and both of my nieces some Tom's shoes and I've purchased my mother-in-law a Tom's sweatshirt but I had never bought a pair for myself.  I've always kind of wanted some and I love the idea that for each pair that I buy a pair is donated to a child in need so I finally got online and ordered some but they ended up being too big so I had to go in and try on a new pair and exchange.  For anyone looking into Tom's my experience was that I needed to go a half size down from my normal shoe size.  And I love them!  My second pair of "Dorothy" shoes.  Hey, I am from Kansas so if the shoe fits...
Sunday was kind of dreary so I ran at the gym instead of outside. 

And then Ryan took me to Tequila's for dinner!  Mmmmmm.  And that's pretty much last week/weekend in a nutshell.

Oh, and my friend Julie has nominated me for a Liebster Blogger Award so I will come back to that in my post as I need to put some thought into it.


  1. Sounds like a great week overall. Apples to Apples is so fun. One of my big fears is locking myself out when Jason is out of town. But in my fear, it's more of a thing where I somehow lose or lock my car keys away and then I am stranded and can't get home. That or locking myself out of the house when the kids are inside. But at least now I know it's not as hard to resolve as I imagined. Which I guess is a good thing until my next fear becomes someone breaking in :-)

  2. Sorry about the lock out...but you gotta love the free necklace! And those TOMS are great...glad you were able to get the ones you wanted in your size.

    I sent you and email a bit ago, but in case I ended up in SPAM purgatory....You received a Sunshine Award. Please read my lastest post and feel the love: