Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roller Derby

Over the weekend Ryan took me to the Roller Derby!  Ever since I'd heard about it I wanted to go and there were two Denver Roller Dolls bouts on Saturday night at the 1st Bank Center in Broomfield.  It was so much fun to watch!  I knew nothing about the rules before we went but it's pretty easy to pick up.  Basically, each team has a "jammer", which is the only person on the team that can score points.  The two jammers start several yards behind the rest of the "pack" (four from each team).  The pack tries to help their jammer through while hindering the other teams jammer.  Once a jammer gets through she earns a point for each opposing team member she passes again on the track.  The first jammer to pass through the pack has the ability to call off the "jam" at any time to keep the opposing team jammer behind her from scoring any points.  It really is a full contact sport and seems very strenuous but also super fun.  I told Ryan I thought it would be fun to do and that he should take me to the roller rink sometime so I can brush up on my skating skills.  He seems less enthused than I am.    

The first bout was Werewolves versus Vampires as you can see on the scoreboard and the second bout was Zombies versus Monsters.  It was so cute how everyone was dressed up!

My best tough roller girl face:
Before the bouts we tried out the German restaurant Golden Europe.  Yummy.  Ryan enjoyed some liver meatball soup, which sounds disgusting but I tried it and it was actually really good.

 We ordered a strawberry dumpling for dessert because we kept hearing how good they were and everyone was right. 
Also over the weekend we got to enjoy an evening out at Tilted Kilt with some of Ryan's out of town colleagues.
Another great weekend for R and R!


  1. How fun! We went to the roller derby last year and I thought it was so entertaining. Halloween sounds even more fun.

  2. Great pic of you guys at the Tilted Kilt!