Monday, October 10, 2011

Rock 'n Roll

Yesterday, Ryan and I participated in the Denver Rock n' Roll half marathon relay.  The first leg of the relay was 7.8 miles and started in Civic Center Park in downtown Denver and ended in City Park where the 5.3 mile second leg began.  Naturally, when I signed us up for the race I assigned Ryan the first leg.  :)  I signed us up six weeks ago when I found out about the relay from my company, which sponsored any employee (and spouse) that was interested in running.  Ryan and I had previously finished Rock 'n Roll series half marathons and marathons but had never done the relay.  We ended up getting 10th place out of all 219 relay teams, which included men only, women only, and coed teams.  We were pretty excited about our top 10 finish!  And we had so much fun!  It feels great to aim for a goal and then reach it, and it doesn't hurt that the goal gets us outside in our gorgeous surroundings.

Here are some pictures from the Expo at the Convention Center on Saturday, where we picked up our bib numbers, timing chips, t-shirts, and relay baton, which was a drumstick.  There were also a ton of vendors at the expo with freebies and goods for sale.  We snagged some yummy snacks and I got a cute glittery purple Sweaty Band to hold my hair back (it worked great in the race) and Ryan got some new running gear. 

We thought these shirts were funny.

Here we are after the race on Sunday!

And here are all but three of the people that my company sponsored.  The company even gave us cool shirts for the event that Ryan and I slipped on after we were done running.  It was chilly enough that morning it felt great having three long sleeved shirts on!
Also over the weekend we listened to K-State beat Mizzou.  I say listened to because ABC decided to play the Penn State/Iowa game on TV instead of of K-State/Mizzou, which made total sense to us because Iowa and Penn State are farther away from Colorado and neither team is ranked.  (Sarcasm intended).  Apparently we could have watched it on but we didn't find that out until after the game so this is Ryan listening to the game. 

We also went to a couple parties over the weekend, one to welcome a friend's new baby and one to welcome a friend's daughter home from an 8 month overseas tour in the Navy.  I don't have pictures of either party but I do have a cute picture of China I can share.

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