Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How is Copeland 5 months old?

I realized I wrote this long ago and never posted!!!  So here you go...just a few days before Copeland turns 6 months!

Where is the time going?  Copeland turned 5 months old on February 10.  He is changing so much every single day.  Some of his new accomplishments:
  • He rolls all the time!  Front to back, back to front all over the place.
  • He is very active in his exersaucer and can twist, push, pull, slide, etc. all the different stations on it by himself.  He also can touch the ground now and twist in circles and stand straight up while in the saucer.  He LOVES anything that makes sound.
  • He talks and giggles more and more each day.  He is very social and actively engages people.  Those smiles and laughs melt my heart.
  • His hand eye coordination is improving.  He can pick things up and put them in his mouth or shake them or bang them together.
  • His grasp is very strong and now I have to watch my hair and earrings more than I did before.  For some reason he likes to grasp his shirts and pull on them so sometimes he has very stretched out shirts.
  • He still sleeps through the whole night (except when he was battling his ear infection poor guy).
  • He wears 6 month clothing.
  • He can scoot across the floor just a little bit.
  • He found his feet and ears and loves to hold on to them.  He also enjoys sucking on his lips. These habits crack me up!  It's possible he thinks his feet are as awesome as I do.
  • He sits at the dinner table with us each night in his high chair.
Copeland is an absolute blessing in our lives and we cherish each and every day with him.


  1. He is just precious...and that hat - I DIE!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful blog. Well said. I miss him so much.