Wednesday, February 5, 2014


There were a number of things we did in the last couple months before Copeland was born ("BC") that I never wrote about and I wanted to make sure I did before I forget!  I love being able to look back at this blog and see what all we've done.  Just the other day I was telling Ryan that I already forgot the things I cooked at cooking school in Thailand (how could I forget that in just a year?) but I documented it all on the blog so I can just go look back!

Anyway, toward the end of last July Ryan and I took a week off and spent time up at the condo.  We figured it would probably be our last vacation as just us two (and it was!)  We played lots of scrabble, enjoyed walks, tried some new restaurants, and relaxed.
At the beginning of August, Ryan's parents and Kylar and Ashlynn planned a trip to our beautiful state and we went up to Breck to see them for a day.  (Look at my belly with little Copeland inside!)  :)

I think I already wrote about chopping off and donating my hair at the beginning of August.

We redid our deck in mid August and I LOVE it.  It is made out of that non wood stuff and it's bigger, prettier, and safer than the old one and also flush with the house so you don't have to step down to walk out onto it.  The old one was rickety and unsafe.  Ryan had actually asked me to not go out on it and I said if it was that bad then we needed a new one.  Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the new one and I'm not going out in this cold, snowy weather to get one.
Amy had a lovely couples baby shower for us in mid August.  Much of our family came to town to attend and we had a great time.  There was even a beer chugging game!  Hehe.  Whoever finished the beer out of their baby bottle first won a prize.

Then for Ryan's birthday in late August I took him to a sushi making class.  It was so much fun and what we made was actually really tasty!  It really wasn't that difficult but it was very time intensive with all the slicing and rolling so I don't know that we'll be making it at home anytime soon.  We'll just continue to frequent Namiko's.

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