Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oops - missed a week

Here is my 26 week belly pic because I forgot to take a 25 week belly pic:
I don't really have any changes to report since last update.  Still have a sweet tooth, still a bit swollen, still feel really well, and still have a very active baby who is more noticeable by the day.  He likes to wedge himself deep down in my pelvis area, which I find slightly uncomfortable because it makes my belly feel all hard and makes me have to go to the bathroom, so I always try to push him out of there.

I was lucky enough to have a friend give me a lot of her baby stuff and my colleagues at work had a shower for me so we are well on our way to having a very well supplied baby!  The shower at work was so lovely.  They did such an awesome job hosting for me and another colleague that is 8 weeks ahead of me in pregnancy.  The cake was beautiful AND delicious and it was so kind and generous of everyone to celebrate with us.  Ryan was able to join me too so it was really nice for him to be a part of it and be able to thank everyone directly.

I have to admit - I had to ask a few of the mommies there what some of the items were used for!

So I have a question.  My goal is to not bring baby boy into our bed during the night and I have had various friends tell me that they loved their gliders for night time nursing and I have wanted one ever since I got pregnant; however, I have other friends who have insisted they would have hated a glider and they prefer a lazy boy.  Thoughts?  I need something for the nursery but want to think carefully through my options because those are not small purchases!

Other stuff going on:

Well, I posted about the condo earlier.  We have it up and ready for rentals!  We've had a few inquiries so far and I am slowly learning lessons as we go.  For instance, I learned a very valuable lesson already that we need to allow online payment for renter's ease.  I have updated the site to allow that.  Also, I learned that I need to be very quick to respond to any inquiry in this digital world where everyone is by their device every minute of the day.

We've had some nasty fires throughout the state.  I was so hoping we wouldn't have that this year. Here is a picture from my office window on one of the days where the smoke was especially bad. Usually you can see mountains but not that day:

This last Sunday everybody decided to drive their Mustangs to church.  We had to laugh at Jodi and Sue about their nearly identical convertibles.

The farmer's market has started up again!  This year we signed up to be a part of the CSA (community supported agricultural program) with Miller Farms so every week we get to pick out an entire bucket of produce.  The produce is so good and it's so much food!  We won't have to buy veggies in the store for the rest of the summer...and I'm sure we'll have enough to can/freeze that will last us well into the fall/winter.

So far this week we've had grilled corn, various veggie salads, sliced tomatoes, grilled asparagus, boiled potatoes, cantaloupe, and kale chips.  Yum.
Oh, and wabbit update - yep, they are still there.  We never see them so we thought they were gone.  Ryan decided to throw a little more mulch in the garden and the next day...new holes.  Good thing we signed up for the CSA.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful shower and so mice that Ryan was able to attend as well. I loved my glider, but honestly a LB may be a better choice just because after you and the baby no longer need it, you can easily work it in somewhere else in your home. Depending on the glider, sometimes that isn't as easy to do. We sold ours as soon as Zachary graduated to a big boy room.

  2. Ours is more like a lazyboy, but it does rock and was from the baby section of the store. You can see it here
    I may not be the best person to ask because I didn't nurse and I don't put my kids in their own room for quite some time, usually around 5 or 6 months, but I really like having a comfier chair, even now for bedtime routine. And I can easily fit me and two kids and we can squeeze in all three if we have to. Plus terrence usually sits on the top. I doubt I will reuse the chair elsewhere in my house when we are done, possibly a guest room or basement or someplace like that because I don't love the lines, but I will have probably used it every single day for five years or more at the end, so I am okay with that. When I just had one baby, it was nice that it would fit both pugs and possibly a cat in addition to me and the baby comfortably. I feel like gliders aren't as comfortable and are smaller, though there are more stylish options in gliders if you want something modern with clean lines (more my style, but not always super comfy). Guys almost always prefer the stuffed chair. Jason loves it.