Thursday, June 13, 2013

24 weeks

I still have one very active little boy on my hands!  Pretty much anytime I am sitting still I can feel him moving around in there and he's by no means subtle about it.  Also, he's apparently gotten big enough to to do kickboxing on my bladder so sometimes I feel the need to go immediately.  I had heard this would happen and it is no joke!  I can go from completely fine to "Ryan you need to pull this vehicle over now" pretty quickly.  Hehe.  We had the 24 week appointment this week and everything is moving along great.  Next appointment at 28 weeks is where we'll do the glucose test for gestational diabetes and also remeasure baby boy to see if he is still ginormous and if that means a revised due date.

Let's see...any symptoms I'm having?  I do think I'm a bit more emotional than before considering something in "The Hulk" made me tear up (Ryan can not stop laughing about that - cut me some slack it was where Hulk's Dad was trying to kill him when he was a baby!).  I'm still swelling in my hands and feet and I don't think that's going away as long as we stay in this record breaking heat.  I still have a sweet tooth.  And that's really about it other than I'm growing.

Other news:

Rabbit Update:

Ryan was watering the garden the other night and the hole to the rabbit den must not have been covered very well because one huffy baby bunny came shooting out of there sopping wet.  It was the cutest little thing and I wanted to keep him but instead just took lots of pictures and then walked away.
Rental Property:

Ryan and I purchased a rental property in the mountains and are working away at getting it ready to rent out.  We stayed there last weekend to get some furniture delivered, get utilities set up, etc.  The location is superb and I absolutely love the place so I hope vacationers feel the same way.  I also like when Ryan makes me lunch there:


  1. You are looking great and shame at tearing up during the Hulk!!!! That bunny is just precious and that rental property looks amazing....hope you and Ryan have a great weekend!