Tuesday, July 9, 2013


A week ago last Thursday I got such a fun surprise - my brother Clayton came out for a quick visit!    He packed up his motorcycle that morning and drove all day to meet us at home after work.  It was so good to see him and we got to go out to eat at a couple yummy restaurants (Namiko's and Bang), go cruising in The Church Lady, and we went to Krispy Kreme and I tried my very first hot doughnut.  YUM!  I snarfed two immediately.  The best though was just being able to spend time together and catch up.  We don't usually get him all to ourselves so it was a real treat.  Even though we were running around all weekend I failed miserably at getting pictures.  This is the only one I took:

Unfortunately the weekend came to an end much too quickly and I was sooooo sad when Clayton had to leave a little earlier than planned to try to beat the rain.  But, I'm just glad I got to see him.  :)  Love seeing my big brothers.

After Clayton left that Sunday morning we went to the farmer's market and got all of this through the CSA program:

And Ryan made his first batch of baby food:
And here is my 27 week picture from that Sunday - I missed my 28 week pic this past Sunday.

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  1. How fun that you got to see your brother!!! And wonderful that Ryan is already whipping up food for Baby Boy Sawyer! You look great!!!!!