Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's a...

BOY!!!!!!!  Do you think he's going to be mad at me later in life when he finds out I posted pictures of his privates before he was even born?  I had been so convinced for most of my pregnancy that I was having a girl (and that's what most people guessed too!) but not long before the 20 week ultrasound I had a few people do some "tests" on me and all those came back as boy and then my Chinese family all guessed boy so I started to have my doubts about having a girl.  It is so exciting to now know what gender we're expecting and was such a cool moment when the ultrasound technician said "You're having a boy!"  Although now I'm extra worried that my prediction of having a mini-Ryan is true.  Not that Ryan isn't completely awesome and I love him very much (I married him, of course) - but he is extremely ornery and full of energy and always into something so I foresee lots of those two boys getting themselves into all kinds of ornery things.

Everything checked out great with the ultrasound except the doctor said I may be having a giant or the due date is about 2 weeks off and should be moved up.  I'm hoping it's the latter and not the former.  He wants to wait until the 28 week ultrasound to make any decisions but it sounds like baby boy is healthy as a horse.

I'm continuing to grow and even though I feel as though I've changed dramatically I must not look  super different because even now when we tell people they are shocked.  I wonder if they just think I ate a couple extra sandwiches for lunch or if the fact that I wear a lot of black makes it less obvious.  Or maybe people are just polite and don't want to say anything and I am shy (me...shy...when did that happen...maybe shy isn't the right word but it's something like that) and I don't say anything either until the opportunity presents itself.  

Now that I'm over halfway, I've had a lot of people mentioning "baby showers" to me.  At first, I hadn't even thought about them.  And then when more people started talking about them I started to get overwhelmed thinking about them.  But finally, some colleagues at work already started planning one for June and said I needed to get serious about registering.  LOL! that we know it's a boy, Ryan and I "registered" this weekend.  I put "registered" in quotations because what we did was kind of hilarious.  I mean, we can think logically about the things we might want and there are a few things that it seems everyone needs but really, before you have a baby do you really have any idea what works for you and your baby?  So, our registering was quite comical and I'm pretty sure we walked away having registered for items that in no way match other items we registered for and probably registered for things we may not really want/need and probably missed some things we might want/need.  I figure we can adjust it as we go along and thankfully that can be done over the internet instead of going to the store.  I tend to err on the side of thinking less is more although with all the stuff out there that can be difficult.  For any moms reading - are there things you just couldn't live without?  I'd be happy to hear any thoughts.   

I will try to post a picture of my 21 week belly tonight.  

This weekend was beautiful so we went cruising in The Church Lady.  Ryan took me out for a beautiful dinner at Bella Bistro, which I really appreciated as it was the first really nice dinner I'd been to ever since I got pregnant.  And we went to Morrison and had breakfast one morning at The Blue Cow.  It was adorable and was so nice to get out to eat considering I didn't feel like doing that  for a long time.  


  1. Yahoo! Thanks for the update....I've been a bit worried. Baby boys are so special.....and as predicted, ornery. Uncle Clayton and Uncle Mark can fill you in. But they also take such good care of their mamas. Congratulations, Rachel and Ryan.

  2. Continue to think less is more with babies. All they need is lots of love, a bed, a million diapers...and a SWING! Because both my babies practically lived in theirs. :) Congrats on your baby boy!

  3. Even though my guess was wrong, I am thrilled for you guys! Little boys are the best and you guys will be blessed beyond measure. Congratulations!

  4. Congrats! I love having a boy even though I really always saw myself as a mom to girls before kids. And sometimes it is exhausting because he is onrery and has been climbing since he could move and breaks everything (not because he means to. He is just that rough and has an innate love of smashing things). But it is wonderful and I enjoy it so much more than I ever thought. You will love it even though it will no doubt make you crazy some days!

    And don't worry about what you register for. Just choose stuff you like now and deal with it later. I had less than 48 hours to prep for my first two and for my third I was too sick so I didn't do anything ahead of time for any of them except I had the carseat installed for Hannah and bought 1 package of diapers a week before my due date. I never wished I had more stuff on hand or had a problem related to that. You need a carseat, at least one package of diapers (even if you do cloth, I would wait a few weeks before starting it), and a few outfits that are seasonally appropriate. I think a pack n play or cosleeper is nice to have immediately as well, but it's not necessary. Otherwise, everything else is about you so have fun with it.