Tuesday, May 14, 2013

20 weeks

Well, here are my 20 week photos from Sunday.  I had to change into a lighter top because I didn't think you could really see the extent of my belly in the black dress I was wearing that day.

So yep - I'm still growing.  Now it seems like exponentially so.  My 20 week sonogram is tomorrow and if baby is cooperating we will know if it's a boy or girl!  So far I have 8 guesses for girl and 5 guesses for boy.  Of the guesses, 3 were pseudo-scientific and of those 3...all of them came to the conclusion that it will be a boy.  The first person to guess it was a boy based it on my cravings of sweets/carbs, the second did some funky voodoo on my middle finger pads, and the third took a ring on a string and held it over my belly until it started swinging back and forth.  I think it will be so much fun to finally (hopefully) find out!

Some of the other stuff going on around here:

Here are pictures of my new laundry room cabinets and new washer and dryer.  I LOVE the laundry room now!  Years ago Ryan put in a slate floor for me and painted the walls red so now with the new additions it is complete!  We knew we would be needing a new washer and dryer for  a long time but were trying to hold out.  Finally, when the dryer took THREE HOURS to dry a load of towels we gave in and got the washer and dryer that Ryan had been researching.

Ryan potted some herbs to grow in the house and planted the rest of the veggies in the gardens.  Some wascally wabbits were digging up the carrots but one or some of our fur children killed the rabbits and China then ate the rabbits until we (Ryan) could find and dispose of the various rabbit parts.  Now that RabbitGate is over the only offenses to our veggies have been committed by our dogs.  We caught Peanut gnawing on a jalapeno plant.
I got to go to New York for a tax conference and my room looked right down into the heart of Times Square.  I don't have quite the energy these days as I used to so I wasn't hopping all over town like I did last time I was there but I still got to enjoy some nice dinners out.  I went to a place called Patsy's that they say Frank Sinatra used to frequent and then I had a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.  My shrimp scampi at Patsy's was delicious and I would definitely go back again.  The frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity was marginal in my opinion; however, I think anyone that is a true chocolate fan would probably love it.  It was just a little too semi-sweet/dark chocolaty for me and it had a lot of ice crystals in it, which I'm not a huge fan of.  Clearly, I am not in the majority when it comes to my thoughts on the frozen hot chocolate or the place wouldn't be so famous.  I would definitely go back because it is a super cute place but I would order something different.

Ryan went turkey hunting in South Dakota.  Unfortunately he didn't get one but I had a nice weekend of bonding time with my fur family.  And like any respectable wife would do when her husband is gone - I watched Magic Mike. 
Oh, and I made this beautiful shrimp pasta.
Anyway, cross your fingers that Ladasha (that's what we call the baby) isn't shy tomorrow!


  1. Can't wait to hear whether Ladasha is a boy or girl! So happy and excited for you and Ryan! :)

  2. For what it is worth, and that would be nothing, I say girl :)

  3. Can't wait to hear! The 20 week scan is so fun because it's like, "Woah, that's a real baby in there!". I am really curious about what washer and dryer you got. Ours is ten years old and really needs to be replaced, but I keep reading negative reviews and my kids are dirt magnets so I need something that works and is reliable. So I just keep using this super old and loud washer that destroys my clothing every so often.

  4. My fingers are crossed that Ladasha cooperates today....what a very exciting time! I am beyond thrilled for you both!

  5. I say girl! I can not wait much longer!