Wednesday, May 29, 2013

22 weeks (and one day)

So here is my picture from Monday (I failed to take pictures on the past two Sundays).
I'm still growing!  I gain weight steadily every week and it's mostly all in my belly but I am starting to notice a little bit in a few other places.

I am finally feeling him!!!  Everyone I've talked to and everything I've read said that most people first felt little butterflies or bubbles or flutters in their bellies.  I did not feel any of that.  The kid straight jacked me.  The first time I felt him (right before 21 weeks) I think he threw a right jab and I about jumped out of my chair.  The second time I felt him I think he donkey kicked me because he didn't like my arm resting heavily on my belly.  There were no sweet little bubbles or slight flutters going on in there.  So that's how it's going to be I guess.  I have felt some more subtle movements since then but they are still pretty aggressive.  Sometimes it feels like he's doing water aerobics or perfecting his synchronized swimming moves and other times it just feels like he's practicing tae bo.  It's so amazing to finally feel him moving and it startles me every time I feel something.  I try to explain to Ryan what I'm feeling but it's so difficult to put into words!

Also in the past couple weeks I've entered a new phase of eating.  I'm still fairly averse to certain items but I now have started to crave sweets and that is really not typical of me.  I mean it's not that I didn't like sweets before but I have generally always been the type to forgo sweets in favor of salty/savory but now I'm just the opposite and that isn't really a good thing!  Any type of cake, pie, cookies, candy, brownies...I want to stuff in my face.  This is so unusual for me and I really have to watch it so I'm trying to keep a lot of fruits around the house to hopefully substitute for other sweets and cure that craving in a little more healthful manner.  I wouldn't say it's exactly working yet though...

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  1. I can't believe that you are already more than halfway there! Your baby bump is precious and you look great! Feeling movements was definitely my favorite part of being pregnant will miss it once your sweet boy has arrived!