Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekly Update

The week went by rather quickly as we had Monday off and now we're already to the weekend again!  It was a rather stormy week and we seemed to have giant storms hitting pretty much every afternoon.  Some of them have come on so quickly that they have caused flash flooding.  Yesterday on our way home from the gym (yes, we worked out on a Friday night...lame I know but girlfriend's got to be able to do the triathlon) we caught the most beautiful double rainbow.

All the rain has been great as we haven't had to water the plants/veggies for a few days!

This week we had a sick one in the bunch.  We don't know what caused it but China spent an entire night and part of the next day getting ill.  When China's sick she seems to get whatever she wants (and I have no part in this).

Smooshing furniture and blankets:
Sleeping on the office desk while Ryan is working:

And getting her very own bowl of chicken and rice.  Peanut and Mojo were not very happy about that.

Also this week I was able to meet my friend Jenny out for happy hour at It's Brothers bar in LoDo.  This bar is in the building that was the house for the Real World: Denver cast when MTV filmed here.  Jenny and I had a great time as always although I need to remember I'm not 22 anymore and fried cheese curds, beer, and staying out past 10 pm make for a long next day. 

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