Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Reunion

A week ago Friday I headed back to KC for the 3rd annual BS Family Reunion.  Vearl and Ryan picked me up at the airport (Ryan was already in KC for work) and on the drive to the house I got to see some of the flooding that everyone at work is talking about (because I'm in the fertilizer business, weather across the country is a huge topic).  The river is so high that it seems like my pictures are of a huge lake.  A ton of corn planted by people we know is under all that water. 

I arrived in town time to spend a little time at the house with Linda, Vearl, Nanaw and Grandad and then we headed off to the Friday evening activities, which were dinner and cosmic bowling.

Here are pictures of the family at Johny Carino's:

Cosmic bowling pics:

Something must have been very funny...

Baby Addison was able to make it out for the bowling!

I've always heard if you make faces it might just stick

Nanaw and Grandad partying it up!

 I was trying to capture the effect of the black lights here.  Instead I came out with a fuzzy picture.
We had a ton of fun spending time with the family and closing down the bowling alley. 

The next day was my birthday and I was lucky enough to celebrate it with some of my family.

I don't know what was so funny here with Jordan and Wendy at dim sum.  This had to have been before I gave Jordan something with shrimp in it...oops.  Apparently Jordan is very allergic to shellfish.
Here are the Cole and Kya doing what kiddos do:

I was also lucky enough to get to see Kelly and Reid while I was in town!  I hadn't seen Kelly forEVER and I had never met Reid!  He is SUCH a cutie patootie! 

The Saturday night BS family reunion activity was a "Mexican pile-on", as Grandad called it, at Rob and Jaime's.  A pretty fitting name considering when it comes to Mexican food and the BS family, we just keep piling it on.

We had a great weekend in KC at the family reunion and feel so lucky we were able to spend time with so many family and friends!  It always goes by so quickly!  Especially when the weekend is cut short due to travel considerations!  We weren't supposed to leave KC until Sunday evening; however, we found out Saturday night that our flight was cancelled due to hail damage to several planes.  Ryan was able to get us a flight back but it left at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning.  I'm glad we got home but we had to leave the Saturday festivities a little early and I sure was a zombie for the entire day on Sunday!

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