Monday, June 20, 2011

New Ride

Over the weekend, Ryan helped me pick out my new awesome ride!
I already have a mountain bike but I've never owned a road bike and once I signed up for the triathlon I wanted to have the proper bike for training and the race.  Also, I thought it would be nice to have a road bike to ride to the grocery store like we sometimes do.  I've not been fitted properly to the bike yet but I couldn't resist taking it out already and it was great!  I got it going 35 mph down a road and hopefully once I get more comfortable I can go even faster.  Thankfully I've taken a lot of spinning classes and have my own clips so it wasn't completely strange for me to ride the bike but it is a lot different than mountain biking that's for sure!  I'm so happy I got it!

Other weekend highlights included the delicious cheeseburger pizza Ryan made.  We'd both always enjoyed the cheeseburger pizza from Minsky's in Kansas City but haven't seen anything like it out here so Ryan decided to make it at home.  It was SO good!  He used the pizza crust we had purchased from the little local/organic grocer a few weeks ago and also some of the lettuce from our garden.  The weather was so nice that we were able to eat on the patio and enjoy some wine (and some champagne) with dinner. 

We also got to try a new breakfast joint, Home Cookin Cafe, after church and coffee on Sunday.  Someone in the coffee group mentioned it had solid midwestern fare so we gave it a shot.  Ryan ordered the steak and eggs and said it was the best steak and eggs he'd ever had.  I couldn't resist the pork tenderloin sandwich and it was also super delicious.

It was another great weekend for R and R!

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