Sunday, June 19, 2011


Tonight Ryan took me to the most AMAZING dinner!  It was a private/secret dinner that is invite only and features an up and coming local chef in an interesting venue.  They've apparently been held at art galleries, private garages, etc.  You must sign up to be notified of the events as they are never posted far in advance and the themes and locations are always different.  From what I can tell these events are hosted maybe every other month or so, which makes it seem extra special to me.  The group that puts on these dinners is called Hush Denver.  I had heard of events like this but didn't realize we had them here!  Tonight the theme was pork (pure awesomeness) and it was held on the patio at the cutest little restaurant Colterra, in Niwot, which is just a little north of Boulder.  There was a live band playing and we were under a huge maple tree in the cute little Old Town area.  The meal was five courses with drink pairings for each course.  The sommelier would come by and explain each wine and why it was chosen.  A couple of the wines were the Wild Hog brand, which I thought was kind of cute considering we were eating pork with every course.  The last course, an ice cream sandwich with oatmeal raisin bacon cookies (yes I said bacon...and it was awesome), was actually paired with Great Divide Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti, a local chocolate stout beer.  Here is the menu:
And here are some pictures of us and the surroundings.  It rained a bit during our dinner but we were under that ginormous tree and an umbrella so we never got wet and it was absolutely perfect to be dining outside.

I think this might be the best dining experience I've ever had.  It was so intimate and lovely and tasty.  What a wonderful time!  I have such a nice husband to treat me to memorable experiences like this.  :)

I will have to write more about the rest of the exciting weekend in another post as this girl is a little tired.  Hope everyone has a great week!

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  1. That sounds very cool. I wish we had something like that in KC. Jason had chocolate-covered bacon at a work event recently. I would be really curious to try something combining bacon and sweet.