Sunday, December 14, 2014

Hong Kong trip continued

I have to get something off my chest:  I sweat.  I don't glow or perspire or sparkle.  I sweat like a hairy lumberjack in Florida during August.  So, imagine my chagrin when I used the last of my deodorant the morning we left for Hong Kong.  You might ask how could I not know I was out? Well, we are Costco shoppers and always have excess toiletries, rice, air fresheners, etc. on hand and I was sure that I had extra deodorant.  I was wrong.  And I was getting ready to travel across the world to an extremely humid and slightly warm environment.  Once we landed one of my first order s of business was to find deodorant.  Mom was convinced that I couldn't find any suitable deodorant in Hong Kong because "Chinese women don't sweat like that" but alas, I found Rexona.  Pish Posh "Chinese women don't sweat like that".  Hmpf.   
Rexona is amazing!  For all my gal friends out there that are sweaty like I am and are super picky about deodorant (I know you're out there), give Rexona a try!  I haven't seen it in the US before but upon further investigation I found out this is a Unilever product and allegedly sells under the brand names Degree and Sure.  I've used both of those before and don't recall loving them as much as Rexona but perhaps I need to give it another try.  Anyway, thank you for your rapt attention about my incredibly appealing tidbit of personal information.  And also, sorry.  Ryan is such a lucky guy, don't you think?

Ok, on to more pertinent stories about Hong Kong.  (Although I might argue that a quest for personal care items when you're halfway across the world is pertinent.)

Our second full day in Hong Kong predictably started with noodle bowls and 7-11.  Ryan's meal came with some fish, which Copeland ate most of.  And I ordered buns covered in butter and condensed milk.  Why don't I used condensed milk more?  This is the same question I asked myself the last time we were in Asia.  

I liked seeing Chinese names on the Coke bottles
Later, we had Korean food for lunch.  It was delicious!!!  I need to have more Korean food in my life. I used to go out for Korean food with a college friend and always loved it but I never paid attention to what he ordered so never knew how to order for myself.  Now I do!  We did Korean BBQ where they bring out several meats that you put over the hot grill yourself.  My cousin also ordered several other dishes and each meal comes with a bunch of little appetizers.

Pork, beef tongue, sauces, and various appetizers

The veggies were wrapped up in the rare beef and we dipped them in a sauce.  Delish!

This is raw beef.  I am usually slightly picky about meat but this was my FAVORITE dish!
Because Copeland does this in restaurants:
Ryan and Cole played with him for awhile in an out of the way section of the restaurant:
After lunch, we headed to a street market for some souvenir shopping.  On the way we saw one of the protest encampments:
We didn't shop for too long because we needed to get back to the hotel for Copeland to nap.  He loved the subway because air rushes through it when you're moving and he thought that was so funny.

His nap, which started at about 2-3 pm, lasted until the next morning.  Yikes!  Tired kid!  So we missed another family dinner and instead had some disappointing room service.  


  1. You crack me up with your 'personal care' story! I know people always say it, but I seriously mean it…Copeland is one beautiful (sorry Ryan, I meant handsome) little man! Also, I'd love to hear more about the protests and what your family thinks about it all. Miss you!

  2. Maybe we can figure out how to get some of that Rexona shipped to the good ole U S of A....I have the same problem and I am always open to trying something new and super strength!! Sweet Copeland, that was a heck of a nap!

  3. Ha, I sweat way more than I consider normal too. I recommend certain dri. I use it every other night in the warm weather in addition to my normal deodorant and I think it makes a huge difference. It is strong though. I can't use it in the morning due to shaving and I get a lot of irritation if I use it every day, though I do have pretty sensitive skin.