Thursday, December 18, 2014

A Cross Town CrossFit Voyage

Everyone hold onto their seats.  I have a shocking announcement to make:  Our third full day in Hong Kong did not begin with noodle bowls and 7-11.  We like to shake things up a bit every now and then.  We're crazy like that.
Copeland's milk holster?
We woke up at the crack of dawn to venture across the bay for a 6 am CrossFit workout for Ryan. Please note here that this was for Ryan , as I would never be so crazy to actually work out while on vacation (and at 6 am!).  My vacation goals:  eat, sight see and learn something new, purchase souvenirs.  Anyway, I digress.  The night before the scheduled CrossFit appointment, we had mapped out the subway times and route, we had mapped out the walking route on iPhone maps, and we had planned to arrive a bit early.  Everything was going smoothly.  Copeland was awake and super happy, the subway system was on time and super easy to navigate, and we were right where we needed to be based on iPhone maps.  Except, iPhone maps was wrong.  We thought it quite strange that the CrossFit gym would be in the middle of a park...  Well, after finally using a different map function and harassing a few building security guards we showed up to CrossFit a bit late.  It was actually not super easy to find because the entry to the building was about halfway down a little alleyway and the building itself is not that big.  The gym was on the 10th or 11th floor and it took up the entire floor.  Once the elevator doors open, you walk right into the workout area, which only seemed big enough for 4 people.  There were already 3 people there working out and the manager was super understanding about our adventures.  Of the 4 people in that class, only one was Asian and only Ryan was not currently living in Hong Kong.  I don't why I thought that was interesting or why I needed to share, but there you go.

Copeland messed around with weights while Ryan was working out.
I think he looks like a CrossFiter here

He quickly got bored with that and wanted to join in on the action.  That would be incredibly dangerous so we had to exit the building and find somewhere to hang out.  That is not easy at 6:30 am in Hong Kong.  As I've mentioned before, I couldn't even find a Starbucks open at that time but, I could find a Burger King!  So we went to Burger King and I ordered some breakfast for Copeland.  I found it interesting that all the breakfast sandwiches had ketchup and mayonnaise on them.  It was quite tasty.  I mean, that's what Copeland told me anyway.

After CrossFit we had noodle bowls.  :)

We also did a little shopping:

Later that day I got to go with my Mom and Grandma to get a Chinese acupuncture massage.  I did not receive any acupuncture and the massage did not feel like he was poking at acupuncture spots, but that is just what they called it and it is supposed to be very healing.  First we had dim sum:
And then we went to our massages.  It started with an herbal foot soak and then foot reflexology.  The first thing he said to me when he touched me was "Oh, you must suffer from a lot of back pain."  And I do!  I had actually just been to the doctor and chiropractor in the weeks before the trip and am still going to the chiropractor and physical therapist.  At one point during the foot reflexology, my head started tingling and I asked him what part of the body that part of my foot was associated with.  You guessed it:  my head.  I think that sort of natural healing and the ability to be that in tune with the human body is amazing!  After my foot reflexology, I had another couple hours of massage.  About an hour for my backside and an hour for my front.  During this time he told me his observations and the craziest thing is...they were all spot-on.  Every single thing he told me was unprompted by me and was an issue that I have always dealt with (weak respiratory system being one...what other massage therapist would know this about you after just one massage?)  I swear I did not tell him anything beforehand or during and his observations were not canned responses because he found different things on my Mom and Pau Pau.  He really was just that knowledgeable of the human body.  Such a cool experience.

While I was gone Copeland and Ryan were doing this:

Later that night our nuclear family had dinner right across the street from our hotel and Ryan finally got to have some duck.  He loves duck and I don't so much, except for some reason I like the duck we get in Hong Kong.
Also later that night, Copeland stole my soy milk.  This resulted in more 7-11 visits to quench our thirst for delicious VitaSoy.

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