Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HK - Day 4 (Thanksgiving Day)

On Thanksgiving Day, Ryan and I had the morning to ourselves so what did we do?  Sha shan tang.  And what did we get?  Yep, you got it...noodle bowls.  I don't think I'd ever get tired of those things.  (Note:  Usually we got chopsticks but this morning without any family with us they pegged us as Americans - I don't know how - and gave us forks.  Hmpf.)
After that we walked around a bit to see if we could do some shopping while we had some time to ourselves but remember how I mentioned in a previous blog that we found out shops don't really open until 11 am or noon?  Yep.  Really nothing to buy other than tasty drinks from 7Eleven, which I actually did about every day.  I LOVE soy milk and Arnold Palmer's.  And I know those are both things that I can get in the States but they taste different there, I swear.  Even without a lot open we still managed to while the morning away until Mom met up with us.  Later we met up with Bot Gau Foo (uncle) for a late yum cha.  It was the first time I had seen him in 26 years because he was in college in Australia when I was in Hong Kong 24 years ago.  Bot Gau Foo is the youngest of my Mom's 12 siblings and he is only 14 years older than me. 

We didn't have any plans for the rest of the afternoon and I think our exhaustion caught up with us because Mom and I fell asleep up in our hotel room!  We didn't get up until it was time to meet up with family to go to Ye Gau Foo's flat.  Ye Gau Foo had asked Siel Ye to cook a large meal for us because we had been discussing earlier in the week what a good cook she was.  Before we made it to the flat we stopped by Ye Gau Foo's shop where he sells all kinds of paper items that Buddhists burn at funerals and at certain times during the year.  These paper burnings are believed to follow people in death to their after life, so if you buy paper shoes, shirts, and pants to burn then the person will be clothed in the after life.  Anything you can think of was available as a paper product to burn:  sushi, jewelry, animals, cars, money, etc.  I don't know why I didn't think of taking a picture of some of the items.  Ye Gau Foo's shop is conveniently located across a river from his flat.

Siel Ye made so much food for us and there was even poultry involved (not that it had anything to do with American Thanksgiving). 
 Mo (cousin), Ryan, Ye Gau Foo (uncle), Papau (grandma), Siel Ye (aunt), Winnie (friend), Miu Ye, aunt, Mom
Miu Ye (aunt), Mom, me, Choy Ye (cousin Ming Yun's daughter), Mo (cousin), Ryan, Ye Gau Foo (uncle), Papau (grandma), Siel Ye (aunt)

Because Ryan hadn't napped like the rest of us, he was very tired after the dinner.  It could be beacause eating seems to take quite a long time (lots of visiting) so we were still there very late at night.  It could also be because Ye Gau Foo kept filling Ryan's glass with wine.  We're still not sure how much wine he consumed that night but he once again fell asleep sitting up.    At least this time it was on a couch and there was no sliding out of his chair fiasco.  Poor guy.  Can't even defend himself on this blog.  Miu Ye, Winnie, and Mom got us back to the hotel safe and sound and we crashed after another awesome day in Hong Kong.  I couldn't believe how fast the time was passing.

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