Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood

While Ryan flew home from Kansas City I flew straight to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, FL for a tax conference.  I had a pretty sweet view from my room and the hotel was right on the beach.  Unfortunately it was extremely windy from Hurricane Sandy so it wasn't that enjoyable to be outside.

One night I got to go to the Hard Rock Hotel.  I try to buy Hard Rock stuff wherever I go because when I was younger my oldest brother would bring me Hard Rock shirts from all over the world when he was in the Navy and I thought that was so awesome.  Here I am checking myself out with the shirt I eventually bought:
I got back home late on Halloween night and then the next night we got my new car (exactly 9 years and 1 day after bringing home the Hondallac).  Ryan changed jobs and has a much longer commute and no longer needs a truck so he took the Hondallac and we traded the Batmobile:
for Olive:
I started to get sick the night we brought Olive home and I went downhill over the weekend.  I ended up getting bronchitis and an upper respiratory infection and I actually don't think I"m fully recovered now even 6 weeks later.  I'm just a sickly thing this year it seems like.  I ended up staying home from work for a full week.  Yuck.  The furbabies kept me company though.  I really don't know what's going on here with Peanut:

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