Wednesday, March 9, 2016

34 weeks

Here is what's been happening in the past five weeks:
  • Baby boy is measuring on track and I still feel great.  I haven't yet started waddling and can still walk pretty quickly if I want to.  I've even been known to race Copeland to the mailbox.  (He usually wins unless he gets distracted.)
  • I failed the 28 week glucose test so had to take the 3 hour (really, it took four) glucose test.  It was awful.  I had to fast and then show up to get my fasting blood drawn, then chug a 10 oz bottle of straight sugar drink, and then have my blood taken on the hour every hour for the next 3 hours.  After I was done I was so shaky and sweaty and felt sick. Thankfully, the test came back that I don't have gestational diabetes.
  • I am getting HUGE.  To tie my shoes I have to cross my legs (man-style) and tie the laces by the very inner eyelet.  Even though I feel huge, I still have gained much less weight than last pregnancy.
  • My body is very sore every morning.  I went to the chiropractor and that helped some but I need to be more regular about it.  I do have massages set up almost every week in March.  :)
  • Baby boy makes much larger and more painful movements inside my belly than Copeland did.  He seems to want to shrug me off of him and he does full body movements that are slow and big.  I often wince when he starts moving around.  I swear it feels like he's trying to crawl right out of my belly sometimes.  He also is getting hiccups and that is hilarious.
  • I'm hungry all the time.  Right now I'm craving pimento cheese on Ritz crackers.  Random, but true.  Onions are the only thing I still remain food averse to.   
  • I went on a one week girl scout cookie binge.  
  • I am swelling a little.  I can still wear all my rings and shoes but sometimes they get a little tight.
  • My innie belly button turned to an outie at about 31/32 weeks and it drove me crazy for awhile.  I don't like my belly button touched at all and to have the sensitive inner parts of it sticking out and touching clothes is creepy.  I'm more used to it now but I still don't like it.  I try to avoid the entire area when putting lotion on.
  • I have stretch marks that showed up around my belly button.  With Copeland, I didn't get any until right before he was born and even then they were minimal and not too noticeable.  I guess my skin was ready to be stretched out this time.  I don't really understand because I'm smaller with this baby than I was with Copeland.
  • I am so excited to meet baby boy and spend time with him and Copeland while on maternity leave but I am in no way prepared for labor and delivery.  I haven't yet registered with the hospital, or completed his room, or bought a single thing (we do have almost everything we technically need), or packed a bag, etc.  Also, I am in no way prepared for the pain of labor and delivery.  Whoever said you forget it is crazy.  I haven't forgotten it at all.  
31 weeks
32 weeks 1 day
33 weeks 1 day
34 weeks


  1. Awww getting close! Loved your post! I'm too pregnant with a baby boy! Thanks for the read!

  2. Beautiful post! My best friend is pregnant too!

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