Monday, November 9, 2015

Musings on Pregnancy Number 2

  • Pregnancy symptoms are even less than when I was pregnant with Copeland.  During the first trimester I was a bit tired and food averse but not nearly as much as last time!  I still am averse to certain things like garlic and onions (two things I normally love) but I remember last time I didn't want to eat at ALL during the first trimester and stayed averse to many things for the rest of the pregnancy. 
  • I had forgotten about getting calf cramps at night last time but remembered once I started getting those again.
  • I have actually lost weight.  Doctor says that's absolutely fine as baby is doing well but at 16 weeks I'm about 6-7 lbs less than when I got pregnant.  I think it's due to a variety of factors:  I'm losing muscle because I'm not working out; I am slightly food averse with a smaller than normal appetite for me; I was sick with bronchitis for a month during the first trimester; I never did lose the extra weight I gained when I was pregnant with Copeland.
  • I KNEW this was going to be a boy...and I was actually right this time!  I am so excited to have two little boys in the house!  I grew up with two brothers and have always felt that I'm a little (or a lot) of a tomboy so having a houseful of boys is right up my alley.
  • We had a scare and it was AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL and I am currently restricted from doing just about anything strenuous or stressful.  Baby is absolutely fine and the complications have to do with my body only so I just have to make sure to do what the doctor says in hopes that I carry to term without incident.  So far, so good.  My biggest challenge is trying to not stress out about the complications.  Also, it is difficult/strange to go from being super active to super sedentary and I do miss CrossFit something fierce.  It's second nature for me to go on a hike, or pick up Copeland for a dance party, or run after him so it's strange to not be able to do even those little things.  
  • Being called "advanced maternal age" is just mean.  I feel quite young, thank you very much.
  • Copeland says "Baby brother is in Mommy's belly" and it is pretty much the cutest thing in the world.
  • I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet but I think I will be in the next few weeks.  Looking back in my archives I saw that I started wearing maternity clothes at 17 weeks with Copeland.  I do have a little bump but like I mentioned previously, I've actually lost weight so it might take a little longer for me to outgrow my current wardrobe.  
  • I've already been told twice at doctor visits that this baby is very active, which means I am truly in for it.  Copeland was very active in the womb and is VERY active now (as in we even get comments on how busy he is from other toddler's parents).  I can't imagine what it's going to be like with two very active boys.  Please say a little prayer for me.  
  • I wake up a lot at night for trips to the rest room.  I don't remember it being this bad before.  I also don't remember it lasting this far into the second trimester.  
  • My sense of smell is super sensitive.  It's actually driving Ryan a little nuts because I declare everything stinky.  
  • We asked Copeland what he wanted to call his baby brother and he said "Peanut Butter" so that's what we call him.  My colleagues call him "Doobie" as his due date is on 4/20, which is a rather big "holiday" here in Colorado.  (I really don't want to deliver on 4/20...)
I don't have a bump picture but this is cuter anyway and at least one party to the hug seems to be enjoying it.

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  1. I hope all remains well with your pregnancy and that things aren't as crazy this time. Take care of yourself and congratulations on the addition of another sweet little man to your family....they are truly the best. But be day they will be 14/15 and get a girlfriend. You will quickly become chopped liver....HEARTBREAKING!!!!!