Sunday, June 8, 2014

8 months?!?!?!?!

Since Copeland will turn 9 months old in two days I figured I better post about him turning 8 months old last month!

It seemed like he changed SO much between 7 months and 8 months.  He:
  • said "Mama".  Yay!!!
  • started clapping his hands.
  • started raising his arms to be picked up (melt my heart).
  • found his boy parts.  This is especially helpful when changing his diapers.  As if it wasn't already fun enough with his 8 flailing arms and 8 kicking legs.
  • ate all kinds of foods and liked everything except chicken and avocados.  Both elicited immediate vomit.
  • scoots/marine crawls all across rooms.  His favorite things to scoot toward are the bathroom scale so he can bang on it and make it click, door stops so he can make them go "booiiinggg" and rip them off the wall, and air vents so he can bang on them loudly.  Why do we even have toys for him?
  • loves his new bath toys!  We got him some that strain water and PauPau got him some that squirt.  He has always loved bath time and now even more so!  (His school told us he is the only one that loves splash time and all the pictures prove it with his big, cheesy grin).
  • discovered that he likes sucking on his tongue
  • had nasty sicknesses for almost the entire month.  The first part of the month he had a respiratory virus and then he got hand, foot, and mouth disease.  He's had a breathing treatment, inhaler, and lots of Tylenol/Motrin.
  • loves to make motor boat sounds ALL the time.  It's hilarious to watch his little lips.
  • with some effort he can push himself back up to sitting from crawling
  • wears 9 month clothes and size 2 shoes
It was amazing watching all the changes this little guy went through in such a short time.  We love him more than we could ever express!
Sucking his tongue here
Sick but still happy

Sick and not happy

Cool dude

Unrelated but an example of Ryan's and my texts to one another

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