Monday, May 12, 2014

Illness Be Gone

The past two weeks have been crazy in our household.  It all started a week ago Wednesday when I got a call from school that Copeland had vomited copious amounts for no apparent reason.  I rushed out of work and by the time I showed up at school he had vomited another 3 times.  So I took him home and gave him Mommy loving and he promptly vomited again.  A lot.  As in it soaked through all my layers of clothes and still was dripping off of us onto the floor.  So I immediately called the doctor's office and the on-call nurse said it was no big deal and I could give him Pedialyte and just watch him.  The pedialyte seemed to do the trick so I took him back to school on Thursday and didn't receive any unusual report until Friday, when he apparently was sensitive during the afternoon.  Copeland is rarely ever sensitive but I thought it might be residual from whatever bug he'd had earlier in the week.  Boy was I wrong.

Saturday was supposed to be a Mommy and Me day as Daddy was taking a training to be able to teach the Insanity class at the gym.  The day started off okay...  We went to swim lessons and he seemed fine.  He was a little fussy afterwards, which was strange but I didn't think much of it.
We got to go out to lunch together but I cut that short because he vocal.  (Sidenote:  The lobster from Phil & Ted's is awesome for the family that likes to go out to eat with their little one!)

And after that, the day just went downhill.  He developed a cough, runny nose, and fever and was very unhappy and fairly inconsolable.  He just kept getting worse as the day wore on and by the time Daddy came home he was full blown sick.  And he stayed that way for FIVE days.  We did visit the doctor twice (actually 3 times if you count the trip to get chest x-rays) during this time period and he said it was viral and there was nothing to do except let his body fight.  All we could do was snuggle him, give baths, give Tylenol, etc.  This non-stop soothing is a glimpse of our lives for almost an entire week.

Copeland finally broke the fever by Thursday morning but he still today doesn't seem 100%.  And THEN, Ryan got sick!  He is in the beginning stages right now of everything Copeland had and he is miserable.  I'm crossing my fingers that the dryness I felt in my throat this morning is just that - dryness - and not the beginning of me getting sick too!

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  1. Oh, my! So sorry Copeland and Ryan are/have been under the weather. That viral stuff is serious business...I had it around the first of the year and it was the worst!!! Hope you are well and that everyone else is on the mend!