Friday, March 15, 2013

Food News

I haven't posted about food for a long time and am feeling a little funny on the inside about it so I will update you with the latest gastronomic affairs in our household.  We finally cut into the farmhouse cheddar cheese that Ryan made months ago and it was fantastic.  (We cut the cheese..hahaha.)  Perfect all alone or with some wine and crackers.

We also have been eating elk everything.  Elk tacos, elk pot roast, elk spaghetti, elk steak, elk on salad, elk pizzas, smoky elk brisket, elk meatballs, elk sloppy joes, elk chili, elk fried noodles, bacon wrapped elk...basically anything that could be made with beef we now make with elk.  The ground elk is really good and I can't even really tell we're not eating beef; however, I have a little more trouble with the big cuts of meat like roast, steak, and loin so we've looked for elk/venison specific recipes which are more suitable to the flavor of the actual elk (instead of beef).  So far, the bacon wrapped elk loin went over well and so did the smokey elk tacos (made with roast) and a venison pot roast recipe.  Ryan likes the elk no matter how it is cooked so some nights he will grill up steaks for himself while I eat something else.  I've been really bad about taking food pictures lately but I did capture at least a few of our elk creations.

Another thing we've been eating more of is authentic Chinese food.  I guess Ryan was missing some of the food we got to eat while in Hong Kong so he just started making it himself.  He has made congee on several occasions and also made coconut buns once.  We haven't been to dim sum since Hong Kong though because we're pretty sure we'll try to compare it and it just won't stack up.  So maybe after another month or so we can try...

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  1. I am not much of a meat girl, but bring on the cheese!!! Everything does look delicious though. I love that you captured Ryan in his Batman shirt...gotta love it!