Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

Three weekends ago Ryan and I went to see The Dark Knight Rises.  We had planned to go sooner but a certain event happened here in Colorado on opening night and you could say it dampened our spirits.  I'm not going to try to articulate what I felt after the tragedy but my heart continues to go out to everyone affected.  But we finally decided to get tickets to the IMAX after dinner at The Yardhouse and we thought the movie was awesome!!!.

The next day was a cheese making day.  Ryan read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver earlier this summer and has been interested in farm to table cooking and locally sourcing foods ever since.  One of his adventures has been making cheeses.  He's already made a mozzarella cheese and decided he wanted to make farmhouse cheddar.

We have to let it age for at least two months before we can try it but it definitely smelled really good when he was making it.

Some of the other farm to table/local sourcing projects include:  canning fruits and veggies, bread making, and purchasing eggs and meats directly from a local farmer.  We get the fruits and veggies at a local Farmer's Market every Sunday (and some from our garden) and so far we have dilly beans, pickled beets, pickled cucumbers, pickled carrots, canned peaches, peach preserves, and zucchini relish.

Carrying my 25 bulb volcanic garlic from the Farmer's Market:

Dilly Beans!

Made from scratch roll and cheese.  Meat and spaghetti sauce directly from Chuck, a local farmer.
I'm really enjoying all of the fresh, healthy, and homemade foods we have been eating this summer.  I really do feel great when I eat well and whenever Ryan is cooking I can be sure that there isn't a bad (taste wise or health wise) thing on my plate!


  1. So glad to see a post! You guys are the bomb...way to go on all the super healthy eating. Big hugs to both of you!

  2. Wow, making cheddar cheese is very impressive! You'll have to post the results when you get to try it. I really enjoyed that book as well. I have had mixed results in trying to implement a more local diet, though, so it has been a little discouraging, but I feel something is better than nothing.